A Weekend of Photographic Exploration — Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2014, Philadelphia, PA

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A Weekend of Photographic Exploration — Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2014, Philadelphia, PA


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Presenting Your Portfolio

In this seminar, led by former gallery director and fine art photographer D.W. Mellor, you'll learn invaluable advice on how to approach meetings with gallerists and curators. Exploring the artist-gallery relationship, you'll discover how your work fits into the market, and you'll learn how to best prepare your portfolio for presentation.

Environmental Portraiture: Person and Place

Through a dynamic mix of slide lectures, hands-on practice, technical instruction, and critique, this intensive workshop will guide you toward the discovery of your unique personal vision in environmental portraiture.

Through the Lens: The Culture of Chinatown

Join visiting artist and documentary photographer Niko J. Kallianiotis on a photo-centered walk through the district. The workshop will start with a short discussion about how to capture images that convey a story. Then, you'll have time to take to the street, making your own photographs under the instructor's guidance. The workshop will finish with a final meet-up in which everyone will share their best work.

Intimate Portraiture

Join celebrated portrait artist Andrea Modica for this intimate opportunity to observe her photographing a family at home. Under her guidance, you’ll learn how to put subjects at ease, observe their environment and expressions, and direct them into situations that will allow you to capture images that tell a story.

The Cultural Landscape

Join renowned photographer Lois Conner on a day of exploring Philadelphia’s own Fairmount Park. Beginning with a critique of your previous work, you’ll gain insights about the art of landscape photography and learn how to find moments of intimacy and humanity in the landscape.

Relics of the Past: Exploring the Lansdowne Theater and Mt. Moriah Cemetary

Join Abandoned America's Matthew Christopher on a photographic exploration of these two locations, which each played a vibrant role in Southwest Philadelphia's cultural history.