More than just a lecture series, the ONWARD Summit is an annual conference and networking event designed to explore new questions that emerge as the medium progresses. Featuring talks by internationally-renowned photographers, social and professional networking events, and educational opportunities, the Summit provides a place of exchange for those who are inspired by unique imagery and perspectives.

Theme: Self as F/Locus

The self is the point of view from which all photographs are taken. Photography has always encouraged the perspective of the self in relation to the “other,” allowing us to explore the great mysteries of the world around us from the comfort of our own environments.

All of this looking out has to start somewhere–and that is by looking in. How does the photographic image convey our points of view? How does the act of photographing reinforce your individual identity?

We hope you will join us as we seek out these answers.

Program Schedule


Day 1: Mar 13
Day 2: Mar 14
Day 3: Mar 15
Day 1: Mar 13 Day 2: Mar 14 Day 3: Mar 15
10     Workshop Series
12 Workshop
3 Lecture Series
6 The Producers’ Club: Private Party Opening Reception

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